All what you need to know about ISO 27001

guideline for implementing ISOIEC 27001
  • Risks reduction: ISO/IEC 27001 expects the occurrence of the risks and handles them accordingly. With a good risk assessment/treatment plan, companies can make sure that no surprising risk with a catastrophic impact can emerge.
  • Good preparation: incident handling process becomes easier and in control when the potential risks are identified and expected. This will assure a fast recovery and business continuation.
  • Integration: The system is more prepared to adapt to new controls by building up on the current information security blocks. In this case, scalability and optimization are in hand.
  • Certification brings trust: Handling customers’ data securely with a proper system in place brings the trust of the customers and 3rd
the 14 domains of ISO 27001-1



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SRC - Security, Risk, Compliance

SRC - Security, Risk, Compliance

Beratung, um Security, Risk und Compliance bei Ihnen als Enabler für das Business zu etablieren.